Freestanding bathroom vanities for vessel sinks

Bathroom vanities for vessel sinks

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Bathroom vanities for vessel sinks address a sharp and present-day decision for restroom plans. These vanities are explicitly created to oblige vessel sinks, which are bowl-like sinks that sit over the vanity ledge, adding a remarkable and rich touch. This sort of arrangement frequently considers all the more counter space and can be a point of convergence in the restroom, offering both usefulness and tasteful allure.

When choosing a bathroom vanity for vessel sinks, there are a few considerations. The level of the vanity, right off the bat, is significant, as vessel sinks add additional levels and could require a lower vanity for solace and usability. Besides, the material and plan of the vanity ought to supplement the style of the vessel sink and the general stylistic layout of the washroom. Choices range from contemporary, moderate plans to additional customary or rural looks.

Understanding Vessel Sinks

Bathroom vanities for vessel sinks
Bathroom vanities for vessel sinks

A vessel sink is a kind of sink that sits on top of a washroom vanity or counter, as opposed to being insets like customary drop-in or under-mount sinks. They are normally tracked down just in restrooms and can be produced using various materials, including porcelain, glass, metal, stone, and manufactured materials. Vessel sinks can be an outwardly striking point of convergence in the restroom, adding a dash of style and character to the space.

There are two unmistakable kinds of vessel sink establishments: above-counter and recessed. The above-counter establishment implies the vessel sink bowl lays totally on top of the counter or vanity. A recessed vessel sink sinks most of the way into the vanity; however, it is not to the extent that a drop-in sink does, adding more prominent solidness.

Vessel sinks enjoy a few benefits. They can add a novel style to the washroom, are not difficult to change out, and can increment counter space as the vessel sink bowl takes up less region than recessed sinks. In any case, they additionally have a few impediments. They can be challenging to clean around the region where the vessel sink bowl meets the vanity or ledge, don’t accompany flood alleviation channels, and the higher edge can be an issue for certain clients. Furthermore, due to the uncovered edges of the bowl, they are inclined to chipping and breakage.

The Importance of the Right Vanity


Picking the right vanity while introducing a vessel sink is urgent. The vanity should be adequately solid to help the heaviness of the sink and the water it will hold. The level of vanity is likewise a critical variable to consider. Since vessel sinks sit on top of the ledge, the vanity level should be lower than typical to oblige the level of the sink. In the event that it is not represented, the bowl might turn out to be excessively high and awkward to utilize, particularly for youngsters.

bathroom vanities for vessel sinks
bathroom vanities for vessel sinks

The outer layer of the vanity ought to be smooth and even out to guarantee the sink sits equitably. On the off chance that the surface isn’t level, the vessel sink may not sit equally and could look disproportionate. Likewise, the vanity ought to be the right size and shape to oblige the vessel sink.

The arrangement of the fixture is another significant thought. The fixture should be sufficiently high to oblige the higher edge and shallower bowl of the vessel sink. In the event that the level of the fixture needs to be corrected, utilizing the sink could be badly arranged because of deficient space between the fixture and the bowl, and there could be more sprinkles.

The establishment of a vessel sink requires openings in the vanity top or ledge for the sink channel, as well as the stopper, in the event that it is a deck-mount type. The establishment interaction includes:

  • Setting the spigot seal washer and retainer ring.
  • Applying a dot of silicone or handyman’s clay.
  • Embedding the channel.
  • Adding the elastic washer or channel seal.

Types of Vanities for Vessel Sinks

Single-Sink Vanities: These are great for more modest restrooms or powder rooms. They highlight a solitary vessel sink and can be an extraordinary method for saying something in a little space.

Double Sink Vanities: These are appropriate for bigger washrooms, especially main restrooms. They highlight two vessel sinks, giving more than adequate space for two individuals to prepare simultaneously.

Floating Vanities: These are mounted straightforwardly to the wall and don’t contact the floor, giving the deception of more space. They are ideal for a cutting-edge look and match well with vessel sinks.

Freestanding Vanities: These are independent units that can be moved and set in place in the restroom. An unsupported vanity with a recovered wood base can give your restroom a natural allure when matched with a vessel sink.

Vanities with Glass Counters: These vanities include a glass counter and a vessel sink bowl, giving a fresh, clean, and current look

Vanities with Granite Tops:  These vanities highlight a stone top and a dull wooden base, which can add an irritable feeling, ideal for a Mediterranean or tropical-themed washroom

Vanities with Built-in Storage: A few vanities, like drawers and cupboards, accompany worked-away choices. These can be valuable for putting away washroom basics and keeping the space coordinated.

Freestanding bathroom vanities for vessel sinks

Freestanding “bathroom vanities for vessel sinks” are well known for their extraordinary plan and usefulness. They arrive in different styles, materials, and sizes, offering a mix of style and usefulness that can upgrade any washroom space.

Vessel Arza 24” Unsupported Single Bathroom Vanity by Ebern Plans. This vanity includes a strong surface top with a mirror and a striking blue vanity bureau. The glass vessel sink comes in three tones – gold, blue, and silver.

Pierpont 36” Detached Single Bathroom Vanity by Birch Path. This vanity accompanies a treated glass top and a matching ledge ideal for a vessel sink and fixture.

Kylina 30″ Dim Present day Unattached 2-cabinet and 2-entryway Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Set. This mid-century vessel washroom vanity offers more than adequate capacity and a quadrate-fired sink.

Rutland 24″ Single Restroom Vanity Set with Mirror with Sink by Willa Arlo™ Insides. This vanity includes a glass vessel sink with a theoretical blend of tones and a dim espresso finish base.

Rochanda 29.9” Unattached Single Bathroom Vanity by Everly Quinn. This vanity accompanies 2-entryways, 2-drawers, and an excellent ceramic vessel sink.

Material Considerations

Porcelain: Porcelain is a well-known material for vessel sinks because of its sturdiness and simplicity of cleaning. It likewise offers an exemplary look that can squeeze into an assortment of washroom styles.

Glass: Glass vessel sinks can add a cutting-edge and smooth touch to your restroom. Notwithstanding, they can break under sharp effect and may require cautious dealing with

Metal: Metal vessel sinks, including those produced using steel and copper, are solid and can endure exceptionally hot or cold things. Nonetheless, aluminium or copper sinks can foster a defensive oxide covering or patina when presented to the climate.

Stone: Stone vessel sinks, produced using composite materials like rock and marble, offer a lavish and normal look. Nonetheless, they can be very weighty and may need extra help when introduced. Most stone vessel sinks accompany a sealant to safeguard them from drawing brought about by acids.

Synthetic Materials: Gum or acrylic vessel sinks offer the fundamental look of porcelain or stone, yet at a lower sticker cost. These sinks are, by and large, lightweight and simple to introduce, yet may not be just about as strong as sinks produced using different materials.

Different Materials: Different materials like cement, wood, and more are additionally accessible for vessel sinks. These materials can offer interesting feel and qualities, yet their sturdiness and support necessities can shift.

Single bathroom vanities for vessel sinks

Vessel Arza 24” Unsupported Single Bathroom Vanity by Ebern Plans: This vanity includes a strong surface top with a mirror and a striking dull espresso finish base. The glass vessel sink comes in three tones – gold, blue, and silver.

Pierpont 36” Unsupported Single Bathroom Vanity by Birch Path: This vanity accompanies a safety glass top and a matching ledge ideal for a vessel sink and fixture.

20″ Vesuvius Vessel Sink Vanity: This vanity includes an American Pecan completed bureau with a solitary entryway bureau that looks like three drawers. It is emphasized with delightful Brushed Nickel handles and is outfitted with delicate shutting pivots.

23″ Madison Single Shower Vanity: This vanity includes a roundabout bureau with a flawlessly cut plan. The vessel sink sits on top and offers a raised sink for ease in expectedness and tidiness.

Design and Style Tips

Consider the Sink Material: Vessel sinks come in different materials, including porcelain, metal, stone, and glass. The material you pick can fundamentally affect the general look and feel of your restroom. For instance, a glass vessel sink can add a cutting-edge touch, while a stone sink can give a more rural or normal feel.

Choose the Right Faucet: Since vessel sinks sit over the counter, they require fixtures that are marginally unique in relation to standard ones. The fixture ought to be a couple of crawls over the edge of the sink to forestall unnecessary sprinkling. Spigots can be either deck-mounted or wall-mounted

Adjust Vanity Height: The level of the vanity should be brought down to oblige the vessel sink. To work out the right level for your vessel sink, take the level of your vanity and add an extra 4-6 creeps for the level of your vessel.

Consider Sink Placement: The situation of the sink on the vanity can likewise add a special plan component. For instance, rather than putting the sink in the focal point of the vanity, consider putting it on one side for an exceptional plan decision.

Coordinate with Other Bathroom Elements: The vessel sink ought to be organized with different components in the Bathroom, like mirrors, lights, and apparatuses. Pick completes that mirror the look you are attempting to accomplish

Maintenance: Vessel sinks, particularly those made of glass and porcelain, are inclined to chipping and breakage. Standard cleaning can assist with forestalling extremely durable stains, spots, and rust.

Consider the Space: Vessel sinks can be a decent decision for little restrooms as they occupy less room than recessed sinks. They likewise consider a slight expansion in space for ledges.


Bathroom vanities for vessel sinks are an incredible decision for those looking to add a hint of refinement and innovation to their restroom stylistic theme. These vanities not only improve the general taste of the space but also offer pragmatic advantages like expanded counter space and flexible stockpiling choices. The special mix of style and usefulness that these vanities give pursues them a famous decision for both new developments and restroom redesigns.

While picking a vanity for a vessel sink, it’s vital to consider factors like level, material, plan, and capacity needs to guarantee an amicable and agreeable bathroom climate. With the right choice, these vanities can change a customary washroom into a sleek and welcoming space.


What type of vanity is needed for a vessel sink?

A vanity for a vessel sink ought to be picked in light of size, style, plumbing and specialized needs, stockpiling, and finish. The vanity ought to be suitably measured for the Bathroom and the vessel sink, giving sufficient counter space around the sink for pragmatic use. 

The style of the vanity ought to supplement the vessel sink and the general stylistic layout of the Bathroom. The vanity ought to likewise oblige the pipes needs of a vessel sink, including guaranteeing that the installations, sink, and existing pipes will cooperate practically. Contingent upon your capacity needs, you could need a vanity with cupboards, drawers, or open racks. The completion of the vanity can likewise influence the general look of the Bathroom.

Can you put a vessel sink on a vanity?

A vessel sink, situated on a counter, vanity, or any tweaked cupboard, loans a particularly refined appearance to a washroom. The outer layer of the vanity where the sink rests can be made from different materials like rock, tile, overlay, or different sorts of strong surfaces, adding to the general tasteful allure.



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